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Explorers is a method of education of the child through a pedagogy developed by Venerable Father Jacques Sevin and Lord Baden-Powell.

"Our mission is a bold one: to help all our members become everyday saints and through them to bring God’s joy and peace to the families and communities in York Region and Toronto. We do this through camping, playing, cooking, the outdoors, helping others along with a deep sense of brotherhood or sisterhood.

We welcome you to explore who the FNE family is. My hope is that through browsing our website you will be inspired to explore the depths of the program awaiting your son or daughter through a well-proven program and method. We would be honoured and thrilled if you or your child joins us in this positive and exciting way of life."

Paul Ritchi
Group Chief - 1st Four Arrows FNE family

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Our Explorer movement offers a same-gender program experience. Within our explorer movement, we differentiate between men and women, to accompany our young people in a conscious development of themselves and to respond to the needs of each gender be they physiological, physical or spiritual. This proven method, which is faithful to Baden-Powell, creates balanced personalities and constitutes a fulfilling and happy environment that complements family life, which by nature is mixed, and the life of our greater society.

FNE develops the whole child from a physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual perspective. We further teach and model responsibility, promise, commitment, leadership, service, and loyalty.

We accomplish these promises by safely and constructively exploring nature, the community, service to others and our Catholic faith.  FNE embraces a well-proven program from our UIGSE brothers and sisters in Europe as proud members of the FSE.

All-season camping, (including the year's highlight of a week-long summer camp for youth ages 8 and older) service projects such as visiting senior homes and raking leaves, local retreats to international pilgrimages, and weekly meetings with challenging games/activities are just some of the things that help make all of these promises possible.

FNE will help our youth embrace and demonstrate concern for others while also growing in self-confidence as to how they can make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others around them.

Experiences and lessons learned through FNE will help them prepare for the challenges that life brings, and continue in their growing love and trust for Jesus Christ even as they move into their adult years. Our youths are our leaders and citizens of tomorrow; FNE enables them to embrace righteous core values and beliefs even if society is moving in a different direction.














The Federation of North American Explorers (FNE) is a volunteer Catholic Faith-based youth movement that teaches responsibility, promise, commitment, leadership, service, and loyalty. We explore nature, the outdoors, the community, service to others, and the Catholic faith.



Ages 6 to 7.  This program level is currently not available pending recruiting leaders and interested youth.


Ages 8 to 12


Ages 12 to 16


Ages 17 to 24

"He has traveled to places a boy his age would not have imagined crossing mountains, borders, and even oceans. The best thing he now possesses is the new friends and family he has acquired with his FNE brothers that he will have forever."

Anthony's Mother

"I see God everywhere through the Girl Timberwolves movement. It is a unique wonderful program like no other: a combination of spiritual, service, outdoor/physical activities with focus on team building, character and faith formation. From regular meetings to nature explorations; from local outreach to oversea pilgrimages, we were blessed for our daughters have these opportunities to embrace God's love through FNE."


"For me, FNE is so much more than an extracurricular activity or even just a youth group. For me, FNE is my second family. Outside of the home, there is nowhere else that I can express my ideas, my emotions, my feelings with my peers. In today’s secular society there is no other youth group in the world that will encourage young men and women to explore and grow in their faith. FNE has helped me grow in so many ways, in my faith, who I am and who I will be. "

Matthew K

“Through spending quality time together in a Christ centred environment that foster prayer, service and appreciation of the nature and each other; we are encouraged to be an authentic Christian citizen living and serving our society. Something that is rarely emphasized nowadays. My daughter and I are proud to be part of the FNE movement! “ 


"I would like to encourage anyone who has any thought of becoming an FNE leader to just do it. We are all called to help our youth prepare for the future. Our society, our church, and the world need and are counting on us. I myself do not have any experience in youth leadership at all. No prior experience is required. Just come as you are. Your skills and faith can have a huge impact on our youth. "

Patrick (Caribou) - Leader

"Having a child is an absolute blessing from God. But raising him with no siblings posed as a challenge since the concept of sharing, helping and thinking of others as well as interacting is unfamiliar. Being in daycare and school was not enough for him to learn and appreciate how important it is to be with other people. Joining the FNE has made my son realize that these concepts thus making him cope better in life and have more fun. He learned by modelling from his peers and the leaders both at meetings and camps. Through the months since he started FNE he has learned the Catholic faith more than they can teach in school. He can lead the rosary and speak of the virtues of the church’s teachings more than I see in others kids in his class. As the time passes, we can see him as being more independent and responsible. His reluctance to try new things has lessened a lot and has been more daring and inquisitive as he tries new things around with caution in mind all the time. He has travelled to places a boy his age would not have imagined crossing mountains, borders and even oceans. The best thing he now possesses is the new friends and family he has acquired with his FNE brothers that he will have forever."

Alicia Mother of Anthony now a last year Explorer